Monday, 16 January 2017

'Ruler Cosplay' Kotori Wig Review

Hello again! (✿◠‿◠)

Another review so quickly! I have some spare time over the summer to make these, yay ^_^ Today I'm reviewing a Kotori wig sent to me from Ruler Cosplay! Kotori is my best girl so I have to cosplay her :p

The wig came nice and fast and neatly packed with their logo on the bag. Very helpful to find it amongst all my wigs haha :p

[ photos ]

The side ponytail is a separate part that you clip onto the base wig. I love this as it creates a lot of volume! Also, this is a small thing but a big deal for me - the fringe was already styled!! Usually the fringe is never styled so this was a pleasant surprise. I chucked on the wig straight from the bag and it was ready to go :D

[ colour ]
5 stars! The colour is a mousy brown/light blonde, it's perfect for Kotori who has a very specific hair colour.

[ comfort ]
Super comfortable, easily fit all my hair underneath the wig cap and it wasn't too tight or anything. Could easily wear this all day at a con ^_^

[ quality ]
Another 5 stars, this wig is super soft and barely tangled. Any tangles I got wearing it were easily brushed out. I love how thick it is, great for Kotori because she has so much hair!

I wore this wig cosplaying Kotori in her idolised Chinese outfit! I also reviewed the lenses I'm wearing here ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

[ cosplay photos ]

So in summary - I love this wig!! It's really accurate to Kotori's kinda weird hairstyle and colour with lots of volume and soft fibers that don't tangle. I highly recommend it! 


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