Friday, 2 October 2015

Obake Style Review

I'm excited to do another jewelry review! Obake Style sent me some of their gorgeous pieces and I seriously love them so much, you absolutely have to check out the rest of their products!

Here's what they sent me, it all came tightly bubble wrapped and arrived very quickly! I only expected the jewelry but they also chucked some stick on tattoos which look awesome, thank you! (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

[ Mononoke Mask Necklace ]

This necklace is what initially caught my eye about this store, it's just so gorgeous. It's handmade from baltic birch wood then painted acrylic paints with a steel gold plaited chain. I think being made from wood suits San and the film so much being based in the forest, and I love the white 'teeth' that dangle from the mask! It's just such an aesthetically pleasing design, I love it to pieces! (including the pretty box it came in) ♡_♡ 
You can find it here!

[ Sailor Cat Stud Earrings ]

As a huge Sailor Moon fan these earrings also caught my eye! The way they've drawn their faces is so cute and I love that they have them as a matching pair. These are made from the same materials as the necklace and are super comfortable!
You can find them here!

[ Stick On Tattoos ]

These are so cool, I really love the designs! The unicorn/lion one says 'Battle Royal' and the smaller ones are the company logo. They come with instructions on the back so you can't go wrong :) Thank you Obake Style for the extra treat!  

So there you have it! Absolutely gorgeous jewelry from Obake Style, I can't wait to wear them out and about (*^▽^*) Please do yourself a favour and check out the rest of their products! You can find them on Etsy, instagram and Facebook :D

Thanks for reading!
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