Thursday, 14 July 2016

'Wigaholic' Wig Review

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Long time no see! Life has pretty hectic for me lately with no time for cosplay or reviews ^_^; But I'm free now so here's a review I've been meaning to do for a while :)
Wigaholic sent me their 80cm long white wig to review! It's out of stock now BUT they have so many other gorgeous wigs in their store, you have to check them out! 

Here's what they sent me! (it arrived super fast!) They were kind enough to also send a hairnet, wig stand and wig brush, how generous is that? The wig brush is SO HANDY by the way, I highly recommend getting one! Normal brushes can make wigs go static-y, but this one worked perfectly without any frizz :D

[ Photos ]

[ Colour ]
An easy 5 stars - white as snow! ❄️ (I recommend reconsidering how you do your make up with a pure white wig as it'll make any colour you add to your face really stand out because of the contrast - but this also means white is a good choice if you want colourful make up to really pop!)

[ Comfort ]
Giving 4/5 stars because while the wig was very comfortable to wear, I couldn't quite fit all of my hair underneath the cap. Although in saying that, my hair is very long and extremely thick, so my opinion here is slightly bias! I'm sure for anyone with a normal amount of hair could fit all their hair underneath :)

[ Quality ]
Super soft and not shiny at all, which is really great considering how long it is, one quick brush and it was silky smooth. It's not super thick though - but because this is usually the case with longer wigs I'm not surprised, from my experience I'm sure their shorter wigs will be thicker. As long as you just plan on wearing this wig down there's no issue with how thick it is ^_^ (just can't tie it up!) 

I put together a quick gijinka of Marie from The Aristocats to model this wig - she's just so cute!(* ̄∇ ̄*)I've already reviewed the lenses I'm wearing (i.fairy Nova Blue) here!

[ Cosplay photo ]

This wig is super pretty and I'll definitely be buying some wigs from their store - they sell heaps of pretty pastel wigs that can be worn outside of cosplay! Here are some handy links to all the places you can find Wigaholic!


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