Sunday, 12 July 2015

'Harajuku In Wonderland' Wig Review

Today I'm reviewing Harajuku In Wonderland's Yuno Gasai wig :D That's this cute psychopath here if you haven't seen Mirai Nikki yet (I highly recommend you do!)

You can find the wig here!

[ Photos ]

[ Colour ]
As you can see it's a super pretty bubblegum pink that perfectly matches Yuno's hair, I really love the colour! (most of my clothes are this colour, heh heh)

[ Comfort ]

Really comfortable wig, not scratchy at all and not too tight. The wig cap itself was big enough to hide all my hair without giving me a headache (I have A LOT of hair) so this was a big bonus for me. You can clip the clasps at the back together to secure it to your head too.

[ Quality ]
The wig fibers are really soft and are only shiny under artificial light. The photos I took above are in natural light, and as you can see the wig isn't shiny at all. I really love this wig because I hate shiny wigs! The wig is also really thick, you can't see the wefts at the split at the back or around the fringe at the front. Aside from being pink, this wig looks pretty natural.

One thing I really love about this wig is that it came prestyled with all the tails already separated and tied up with rubber bands which saved me a lot of time! I only had to cut the fringe, even the 'flicky out bits' on the sides were already styled into the wig. I am a wig fiend, and I'm very impressed!

So here's some photos of me wearing the wig after cutting the fringe! I've already reviewed the lenses I'm wearing, see here :)

[ Cosplay photos ]

So all in all, I love this wig! I highly recommend checking out the rest of Harajuku In Wonderland's store as well, they have so many other awesome cosplay items!
Also if you do shop there, don't forget to use my code 'fairie' for a discount! :D

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