Sunday, 15 January 2017

'Miccostumes' Serena Cosplay + Wig Review

Hey cuties! 

Another costume review today! Miccostumes sent me their Serena costume and wig to review, as someone who grew up playing Pokemon I was super excited about this costume!

The costume came really fast - only took about 10 days to New Zealand and most things usually take 3 weeks to get here from other countries //cries//
It came neatly packed in a signature bag, I really love these because I keep them to store the costume in ^_^


The hat and glasses are super cute! The sunglasses can be worn as normal sunglasses outside of cosplay too. The hat was a bit small though - it fit, but I needed to keep tugging it down. Maybe I just have a big head! Haha :p So keep in mind you may want to buy a separate hat :)


I'm so impressed by the quality of this costume - it's very well constructed, the fabric is sturdy and it's really comfortable. Both the shirt and skirt could easily be worn as normal clothes.
The shirt is a soft cotton with a stiff interfaced collar, easy to slip on and off. The skirt is a stiffer cotton that ironed really nicely with the waistband interfaced and a zip up the side. Oh and the pocket is real! BONUS :D

[ quality ]
Like I said before, really impressed with the quality of this costume. It's just really nice! Well made with good quality fabric, 5 stars from me! 

[ comfort ]
The costume itself is super comfy, I even went rollerblading in it for a photoshoot ^_^ Just missing half a star because the hat was too tight, but other than that the costume was perfectly fine :)

[ accuracy ]
Looks exactly like Serena!! All the colours are right on the costume and the collar/skirt design are all accurate. The sunglasses are perfect too. Just taking off half a star because the hat should be flat on top, but that's a pretty small detail. Otherwise it's perfect!

[ WIG ]

[ colour ]
I love the colour of this wig! It's a gorgeous golden blonde, looks quite natural and is perfect for Serena :)

[ comfort ]
This wig had quite a large cap, I was happy I could easily fit all my hair underneath it! It was really comfortable, could easily wear it all day.

[ quality ]
This fibres in this wig are so soft!! It was really easy to brush and barely tangled after I wore it for a photoshoot. It's just such a pretty wig!


Overall - I love this costume! If you're looking for a Serena costume I highly recommend it, or if you're looking for costumes in general Miccostumes would be a great choice, the quality is great and they were really easy to communicate with as well as super fast shipping. Thank you Miccostumes for sending me this costume to review! 


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