Friday, 6 January 2017

'RoleCos' Hell Girl Cosplay Review

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My first review of 2017 and my first costume review! Exciting stuff ^_^ Role Cosplay were kind enough to send me their Hell Girl costume to review, I was really excited about this because Hell Girl was one of the first animes I ever watched 

The costume arrived super quick and they have their own parcels so I knew straight away what it was (and it's a cute design too!) It was all neatly packed and clearly labeled, very professional!

[ photos ]

The skirt has knife pleats and zips up at the back. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had a petticoat in the form of shorts - no flashing! Really clever and comfortable.

As you can see the whole costume looks great altogether! The collar clips open and closed so you can fit it over your head and the tie is removable. Sometimes seifuku come with a fake tie so I was happy to see this one is real. There is also a zip up the side of the shirt to make it easier to get it on and off as well.

They also sent some accessories! The socks were a bit long so I folded them down, but other than that they were perfect and super comfortable, one less thing to worry about purchasing. They also sent me these cute badges, I love the one with Ai on it especially! 

[ quality ]
Giving 4 and a half stars for quality! It is really well made - it's lined, has fitting darts, the edges are fully overlocked with no fraying edges. Just missing half a mark because you can still tell it's a costume and not a real school uniform that is made to be worn every day (the fabric isn't as thick as real uniforms) - but given this is cosplay outfit that's not a problem!

[ comfort ]
Super comfortable, the fabric is nice and soft and I had no problem moving around and sitting while wearing it. When I wore the costume I bound my chest a bit for character accuracy and it looked great! You may want to order a size up though - I ordered a L with my waist being the right size and I couldn't quite get the zip up. No problem since the shirt covered the top of the skirt but just something to keep in mind!

[ accuracy ]
The costume is perfectly accurate - and this is something I'm fussy about :p The shirt and skirt are the right lengths, the collar and ribbons were right and the tie is the right shade of red. Spot on :)

I had a quick little shoot last week, I'll add the photos to this review once I get them but in the meantime here's a selfie I took wearing the costume! Do I look creepy? Hehe~
I've already reviewed the lenses I'm wearing (Super Pinky Bright Red) here!

Overall I really love the costume and I'll definitely wear it a few times. If you're looking for an accurate and comfortable Hell Girl costume, go for this one! Thank you Role Cosplay! 


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